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Vision loss is a life changing experience that requires adjustment. Thankfully, there are organizations that provide services and tools to help visually impaired individuals enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

No matter how mild or severe your vision impairment is, there are programs and tools that can help you live independently, work effectively and enjoy a wide variety of hobbies and recreational activities. Organization that are a part of VisionRefer can help you continue to live independently and improve your quality of life.

Where To Start

If your eye doctor determines that you're visually impaired — even if you're not legally blind — you will likely be referred to a low vision specialist who can help you identify your specific functional needs and navigate the services that are available in your community.

A number of federally mandated benefits are available to people who are visually impaired or legally blind. Most states and counties offer educational, employment, financial and health and welfare services to individuals with visual disabilities.

While these programs offer essential financial and medical support, other vision rehabilitation and services that address functional needs help you enjoy your day-to-day life and are just as important.

Adjusting To And Living With Vision Impairment

One of the biggest obstacles for visually impaired individuals is the emotional impact. Adjusting to vision loss is difficult and takes time. Many people find that a counselor or support group can help them learn to accept their vision loss so they can move forward toward a richer life. A key element in this often involves developing the skills needed to live independently despite visual impairment.

In most cases, people with even severe vision loss can continue to live independently. In fact, even people who are totally blind can prepare meals, clean their homes, groom themselves, pick out their own clothes, manage their households and pay their own bills. These tasks may require some training, but a visually impaired person can perform them successfully. These skilled are learned with the help and support of organizations serving the visually impaired. VisionRefer connects you to the support you need so you can live a rich life of independence.